Mirrors Uncurtained

A new beginning, a new place to unburden myself of excess thoughts. In all likelihood, you’re here because I invited you to have a look. Even if not, welcome.

The several topics I tend to cover are listed below. The usual tags will accompany them, but each also has an associated character or voice, a “Mirror”. (A device for reflection, you see!) Sometimes these characters may converse with one another. It’s a conceit; enjoy it or ignore it, no matter.

Faith: I’m an agnostic. I would like to be a believer. The great questions of human existence, life, and morality are important to me, and occupy many of my thoughts. The Mirror of these explorations is Tani Argonne, a scholar who for a time sought adventure as a soldier.

Feminism: The prejudices that diminish our lives: sexism, homophobia, racism, transphobia, and so on. I’m about as privileged as they come, but I believe in combating these ugly influences, in whatever overt or subtle forms they take. That makes me a feminist. This area’s Mirror is Kali Ranya, a swordswoman with deep convictions and the courage to defend them.

Games: I play games of most kinds, but especially love role-playing games and collaborative storytelling games of the social variety. I’ve come to favor games with a strong design focus and unconventional ideas, such as those that grew out of the (now retired) game design forum The Forge. The gamester Mirror is Adulath Caracai (the Second), a woodsman and scout with a hedonistic flair.

Internet Freedom: Powers corporate and governmental constantly strive to stifle the uncontrollable engine of creativity and communication that is the Internet. But the generations growing up with the Net will not long suffer the invasions of privacy and attacks on freedom of speech that such interests attempt. The Mirror representing my thoughts on these matters is Lyn Hawthorn, a cat burglar with a penchant for robbing and disarming the tyrants of the world.

Media: I may not be the most voracious consumer of culture you’ll meet, but I do take in a fair number of books, films, and TV shows. Sometimes, one will make enough of an impression on me for me to write about it. The Mirror of such critique is Ethan Barrister, a professor of history with strange powers and a cold ends-justify-the-means morality.

Nutrition: I heard a talk about low-carbohydrate dieting, which prompted me to look into the journalism of Gary Taubes, the work of the doctors Eades, etc. I’m convinced of the concept’s merits, but continuing to learn more. The Mirror for this topic is Mijara T’ran, a doctor, cool and intellectual under most circumstances but with hidden passion.

Writing: It’s meta! Part of the purpose of starting this blog is to get me in the habit of writing again. I do essays, science fiction, and fantasy, and design and write games. Sometimes I take part in the National Novel Writing Month. Talk about the act and habit of writing, or posts that are themselves works of fiction or writings-in-progress, are governed by the Mirror Marc Yves, a sword-dancer who lives for song and motion.

Personal/Misc: And of course, I might be struck by some intimately mundane topic, like relationships, house, pets, or work. Such posts are Mirrored by Kithia Verdon, a shy and clumsy young girl thrust into the task of captaining a starship.