Unbalanced, Part 1: There’s No Such Thing as a Good Carb

In many of the topics covered on this blog, I can come across as “extreme” or “radical” in my views. Sometimes this is a criticism well deserved; there have been times when I’ve gotten into a defensive stance and said uncharitable, overreaching things. Beyond that, though, I tend to come across that way for two reasons. One, I can be a stickler for logic and literal truth when it comes to these discussions–I’m reluctant to assent to a thing if it can be construed to mean something I don’t believe is correct. Sometimes, that means I reject such bland truisms as “everything in moderation” or “what you need is balance,” making me look like something of a nutjob! Secondly, I have a perfectionist, idealistic personality (a One on the enneagram, for those who, like me, enjoy such pop-psych toys), which pushes me to a “things could always be better”, never satisfied, style of thinking. That inability to say “good enough” can seem like extremism.

In this series of posts, I’ll talk about the ways these ideas are radical, and the ways they aren’t. I’ll start off by articulating some shocking, out-there statement I basically agree with. I’ll bring up a few common objections to the position and rebut them as best I can. Then I’ll close with an explanation of how in practice it’s not so overkill as it sounds, rein in the attitude with considerations of practicality, or the like.

First up are my gonzo moon ideas about nutrition. Here we go!

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Yes, These Trolls Really Are Sexist; No, I Won’t Ignore Them

Kali Ranya:

Over the past several weeks, there has been a flurry, even a frenzy, of discussion of sexism in media. This is a fantastic thing! The more people who hear the message about the crap our world puts women through, the closer we get to establishing egalitarian social norms.

Unfortunately, whenever women speak up on the Internet, a wave of hatred and bigotry rises up to try to silence them. But praise be, lately we’ve seen people fight back. Feminist Frequency has been chronicling the attacks trying (and failing) to crush her Tropes vs. Women video project, using it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the problem. The hip-hop video blog Ill Doctrine put up a post taking the sexist dudes to task. And more besides (see the Media Roundup section).

Flipping through responses to these voices shouting the trolls back down, though, I spotted a trend that makes me mad as hell. It’s an argument that keeps springing up like an ugly mushroom. It goes something like this:

Stop making such a big deal about these trolls. They just want attention, and you’re giving it to them by putting their attacks in the headlines. Besides, they’re not really sexist anyway; they just do whatever it takes to get a rise.

In other words, “Shut up and let the trolls do their thing. Don’t make a fuss or fight back. There’s no sexism here, move along.” Here are ten reasons this is a load of bullshit.

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