Late to the Party: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

“Late to the Party” is my caption for media reviews, mainly of video games. I rarely acquire games on their release date, so by the time I get around to buying and playing through them, they’re old news at best. Even so, games sometimes make such an impression on me that I can’t help but write about them! Thus, late-to-the-party reviews.

Adulath II:

Dissidia 012 for the PlayStation Portable is an expanded edition of the original Dissidia, a Japanese-style action RPG with fighting-game stylings involving characters from across the main Final Fantasy franchise. When the first was announced, Square Enix was careful not to bill it as a fighting game, referring to it instead as “dramatic progressive action,” and I too would hesitate to put it in a category that brings to mind Street Fighter and BlazBlue. You will not find here the sort of intense competitive environment known to those games, where players one-up each other with new and inventive techniques and split-second stratagems. You will, however, find a highly entertaining and addictive action-RPG with easily hundreds of hours of playable content.

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