HabitRPG Interview

Kithia Verdon:

HabitRPG has been doing a Meet the Staff series on their blog. I started writing up this humorous self-interview before I discovered they had a standard format for the posts, so consider this a supplemental piece of mine!

“Sabe” is a weird name. Where’d that come from?
It’s short for my usual Internet handle, SabreCat. My long-time friend Elaine Escher came up with it when she wanted to insert me into her Webcomic. My given name is Edward, but I don’t go by that because when I do, I get tired jokes about investment firms.

That Webcomic… and your Gravatar… are you a furry, Mr. Jones?
Depends on your definition! I do like fiction and artwork involving anthropomorphic animals, be they catfolk, werewolves, minotaurs, etc. But I don’t dress in costume or do… stranger things than that.

So you say, so you say. Any other topics we should tread lightly on?
Well, I’ve been known to get soapboxy about feminism, copyright reform, and nutrition. We can keep it simple by leaving those alone, I guess?

Safe ground, then: how did you get involved with HabitRPG?
A while ago, I was brainstorming about how to improve my habits, and posted this entry about self-gamification. Magic Missile of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls pointed me to Habit as a site already doing the sort of thing I had in mind there. I checked it out, and it did what I was looking for even better than the system I’d thought up! As time went on, and my appreciation for the site grew, I came to see how the site’s growing pains were causing it trouble. So I stepped up to help out where I could, providing advice to frustrated users in the site’s “Tavern” chat room, writing bug reports, and so forth. To make myself more useful, I started learning my way around GitHub so I could fix typos and similar minor nuisances myself. After a while, the developers invited me to join up with them for meetings and planning, so here I am!

What do you use Habit for?
Oh, all sorts of things. I use it to help keep me on task at work, to focus me on creativity and self-improvement instead of vegetating in front of a screen all day at home, and to remind me of important little things like taking medications and getting to bed at a sane hour. I’ve even used it to keep me more mindful of things that go on within my own head, like holding grudges against people or getting anxious about my mistakes. If there’s something going on in my life that I think I can do better on, I try to work it in to my Habit scheme one way or another! My layout is constantly changing, and that’s OK. The site’s flexibility makes such frequent tweaks easy, far easier than it’d be if I were keeping track of self-improvement projects in different places or in my head.

When you’re not working on Habit, or working on your habits, what are you likely to be doing?
Playing RPGs of the dice-and-imagination variety, or designing them. Hanging out with my fiancée, dogs, and cat. Dancing. Playing computer and video games, particularly indie titles on Steam. And writing blog posts!


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