Unbalanced, Part 2: Copyfail

Lyn Hawthorn:

I  haven’t forgotten about the “Unbalanced” series! Next on the list is a post about copyright, and the lack thereof.

The Radical Notion

The world would be better off–in economy, culture, and law–if most forms of what some call “intellectual property” were abolished. No copyright, no patents. (Trademarks could stick around; more on that in a bit.) If somebody created a work of art, in prose or painting or music or whatever, it’d be legal to copy and record and share that around, remix and adapt it, even sell those copies or adaptations. No license or permission required. Reverse engineering a device or drug and selling your own production of it would be legit. That’d be a big part of my utopia world, a fantastic vibrant place to live!

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